Dragon Ball Super Editor Praises Toriyama's Work Relationship with Toyotaro

Dragon Ball Super is gearing up for another round of bombshells as its new chapter prepares to go live. Fans around the world are hyped for the debut as a preview of chapter 65 left netizens eyeing Goku with shock. Many wondered why the hero was allowed to go ahead with the controversial move, but thanks to a new interview, fans know it was likely approved by both Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro.

Recently, the editor of Dragon Ball Super did an interview ahead of V-Jump's new issue. It was there Uchida touched upon the manga's future, and he had a lot of good things to say. In fact, he told fans Toyotaro works very well with Toriyama, and their ideas often build off each other.

(Photo: Viz Media)

According to a summary translation from Cipher_db, Uchida says there is clear "compatibility" between Toriyama and Toyotaro. Their ideas tend to agree with one another rather than clash, and they even build off one another. So if it was one of their decisions to offer Moro a senzu bean, the other felt it was right for the baddie to betray Goku afterward.

Uchida went on to describe the balance between the manga creators and himself in terms of influence. The editor describes himself as Yamcha while Goku was assigned to Toriyama as he created the franchise. Toyotaro was described as Vegeta. Uchida admitted he felt lucky to even take part in meetings with the artists to discuss Dragon Ball Super, so it seems all things are going well with the series behind the scenes.

Now, Dragon Ball Super fans are curious to see how the remainder of the Moro arc goes with Toriyama and Toyotaro on a roll. Chapter 65 will debut in earnest this week, so readers will learn more about Goku's (certainly foolish) choice to restore Moro with a senzu bean.


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