Dragon Ball Super Artist Teases Involvement in Jump Festa 2021

Shueisha's annual convention for their various magazines and projects will be taking place online this year, and Dragon Ball Super's artist Toyotaro is teasing something special for the event! Earlier this year it was confirmed that Shueisha's Jump Festa event would be moving online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic when it debuts on December 19-20 in Japan, but Shueisha recently revealed the visual for the event teasing many of the projects they will be highlighting this year. Notably, this year includes some Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Heroes inclusions. And the artist involved with both of these took to Twitter to point it out.

After the announcement went live on Twitter, Toyotaro teased that he was a "little" involved with the event but unfortunately did not go into any concrete details. With the new visual for Jump Festa Online 2021 including both a look at Dragon Ball Super's Goku and, surprisingly, Dragon Ball Heroes' Future Trunks (which Toyotaro also oversees the manga for), Toyotaro could have something special planned for Dragon Ball fans if it all works out!

Toyotaro's involvement in the online event could be as innocuous as a special message or sketch shared with fans during the days of Jump Festa 2021 in Japan, but it also could be tied into the fact that Dragon Ball Super is gearing up for its next major arc following the fight with Moro. With the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc reaching its climax soon, we could see an announcement for the future of the manga during the event!

Unfortunately, details for when and where fans will be able to check out the events of Jump Festa 2021 are still unavailable, and even more so for fans outside of Japan hoping to check out the event as well. But now it's more enticing than ever as we wait to see what Shueisha has in store for our favorite series!

What are you hoping to see from Dragon Ball Super during Jump Festa 2021? How do you feel about Toyotaro's take on the Dragon Ball franchise? What are your thoughts on the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!