Dragon Ball Super Announces Its New Arc

After plenty of speculation, it seems like Dragon Ball fans were right on the money! Dragon Ball Super promised fans it would have another story in store for them after the Moro arc came to a close, and that will be happening soon enough. In order to prepare fans for the New Year, Dragon Ball brought its team together to announce the next big arc coming for the manga, and it will bring back some familiar faces that fans saw rather recently.

The update came courtesy of V-Jump as the magazine posted a promo dedicated to this new arc. The story, which will be called Granola the Survivor, seems to be focused on the other henchmen who escaped custody during Moro's reign. After all, the baddie did let out an entire prison of villains, and Dragon Ball fans has wanted to know more about them for awhile.

This new arc will focus on prisoners featuring during Moro's tenure such was 73, Yunba, and Granola. Jaco is also shown in the teaser, so it seems this soldier has more left to do in the manga. He might be gunning for a vacation after having dealt with Moro, but Jaco and the Galactic Patrol have a lot more work to do.

The teaser promises this new Dragon Ball arc will kick off next year to celebrate the start of 2021. Moro's arc will officially end this month before the holidays, so there is nothing stopping Goku from undertaking a new adventure. This finale will surely set up more info on this upcoming arc, so readers will want to look over the manga carefully when it debuts shortly!


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