New Dragon Ball Super Draft Previews Vegeta's Anger

Dragon Ball Super concluded its epic (read: long-running) 'Galactic Patrol Prisoner' storyline in [...]

Dragon Ball Super concluded its epic (read: long-running) "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" storyline in the most recent chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga. However, while the storyline concluded with the big fight between Goku, Vegeta, and evil sorcerer Moro (with Earth caught in the crossfire), there is still some major clean-up that needs to be done, story-wise, before the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc can really be put to rest. For one thing, the demise of Merus, the angel-turned-Galactic-Patrolman has invited the attention and Grand Priest and the gods - then there's the small issue of Goku and Vegeta needing a major save, which has left Vegeta feelign some kind of way!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super manga 67 SPOILERS Follow

As you can see in the preview pages for Dragon Ball Super chapter 67, Vegeta is left feeling pretty vexed after the fight with Moro. That's because the battle came perilously close to annihilated Earth and/or the universe when Moro stole Goku's new godly power of Ultra Instinct.

Even with Vegeta's new Spirit Control technique giving Goku a Spirit Bomb-style boost from the chi of Earth's inhabitants, it wasn't enough; it took a god-level chi to spark the big boost Goku required. During the battle, Vegeta didn't have time to ask questions about where he got the needed energy - however after the battle, Vegeta has nothing but questions. The fact that Goku isn't nearly as concerned has Vegeta furious:

As the translation describes:

"Vegeta suddenly asks Goku about the source of incredible power at the end there, but Goku doesn't know either, saying there are still some amazing guys on Earth after all. Angry, Vegeta keeps pressing him for answers but Goku says he will understand when the time comes."

The early drafts of the scene make it look like your typical comedic scene between gruff Vegeta and aloof Goku. However, Dragon Ball fans know this question that Goku is being so cavalier about will turn out to have a major impact on his future.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 66 Goku Vegeta Uub
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

The godly energy Goku needed (and Vegeta collected for him) came from Uub, the mortal reincarnation of Majin Buu. At some point in the future, Uub is selected to be Goku's successor as Earth's protector, as seen in the flash-forward epilogue of Dragon Ball Z. How Dragon Ball Super's events sync up with that ending seen in DBZ has been a major question; and now the mystery of Uub (and Vegeta's eagerness to solve it) has started to bring that answer into view.

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