Dragon Ball Super Sets Up New Arc with a Seven-Three Warning

Dragon Ball Super is ready to turn to a new page all thanks to its latest arc. The manga's [...]

Dragon Ball Super is ready to turn to a new page all thanks to its latest arc. The manga's yearlong trek through the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc paid off in the end, so it makes sense for Dragon Ball to hop into a new arc for the new year. And thanks to a new update, fans have been warned about this upcoming arc with an ominous word.

The whole moment went down towards the end of chapter 67. Dragon Ball Super put out the big chapter not long ago, and it was there fans watched as Moro's dark reign came to an end. In the aftermath, fans are reunited with Jaco as he runs a patrol, and it is there fans see all of Moro's cronies locked up. Of course, Seven-Three is missing, and one of the baddies figures out the android is alive sooner rather than later.

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"Did you make sure he got thrashed for good," one of the baddies ask. "You mean, you're not sure?"

The question leaves Jaco unnerved given how the group just explained the android's powers. Seven-Three was stolen by the gang some years ago, and they filled him to the brim with power signatures. The android even has powers from Merus and Moro stored away in him, so Seven-Three is not someone you want to leave unattended. But as fans know, that is exactly what happened. The patrol assumed the android was dead when that was simply not the case. Enough was left of Seven-Three to regenerate, and this new arc seems focused on this baddie.

After all, a ton of Seven-Three replicants were made after the android's reformed head was discovered. Now, a mystery fighter known as Granola has discovered the original Seven-Three in storage, and his plans for the villain aren't known just yet. But given what we know of this deadly android, these plans are surely anything but good.

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