Dragon Ball Super Reveals Why Vegeta Isn't Ready for God of Destruction Powers Yet

Dragon Ball Super revealed why Vegeta isn't quite ready for the path to becoming a God of Destruction just yet. The Granolah the Survivor has been full of plenty of unique twists on the series already, but one of the bigger surprises was seeing Beerus taking Vegeta under his wing and teaching him how to use a God of Destruction's abilities like Hakai. With this training fans have also been given some key information as to how the Destroyer gods actually think and operate, and Vegeta seems to have realized that it's not a thought process he can gel with at the moment. 

Chapter 76 of the series sees Vegeta continue his fight against Granolah, and while the Ultra Ego form seemed like a natural result of learning how to use the God of Destruction power, it seems like it's actually Vegeta's way of tapping into that force without losing what he loves about himself. As he reveals in a solemn moment before death, Vegeta apologizes for the fact that he can't disconnect himself from his mortal ways just yet. He's not completely ready for the type of unfeeling callousness anymore that would have been perfect for him years before. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

As he continues to struggle against Granolah, it becomes increasingly clear that Vegeta's goal in the fight is not complete victory like in previous fights, but instead to try and beat some sense into Granolah. If it comes to violence, Vegeta's willing to do so but whether through his body reaching his limits or pretending to do so, he's purposefully holding Ultra Ego back. It's clear that when he fully dives into its use it changes him mentally, but also makes him stronger. He tends to act more reckless and selfish, but it means more power. 

That's not what Vegeta's after though. He has done the research during Goku's fight and saw the aftermath of the Cerealian's destruction, so he's trying to speak with Granolah on a more personal level. He's purposefully making himself more vulnerable, and as Beerus explained before, to properly use the God of Destruction's power he is supposed to really only think about destruction. Ultra Ego was his way of trying to keep himself from that kind of mentality while also tapping into the ability, but it's clearly not enough. Vegeta then realizes he can't just cut ties with himself. 


He apologizes to Beerus and says the God of Destruction's power is "beyond the scope of a novice" like him but it's a bittersweet moment. He admits he can't become the "unfeeling man" he once was, and it's both a realization of how much he has grown and how much he still needs to grow from here. So while he might not be ready for the God of Destruction's power now, it's not like he won't find his own path there if Ultra Ego is anything to go by so far. But what do you think? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!