Dragon Ball Super Explains How Ultra Ego Works

Dragon Ball Super explains how Vegeta's new Ultra Ego form works with the newest chapter of the [...]

Dragon Ball Super explains how Vegeta's new Ultra Ego form works with the newest chapter of the series! Fan anticipated for the newest chapter of the series exploded before its debut as Vegeta got trending on social media as fans couldn't wait to see what his new form had in store. The previous chapter of the series saw Vegeta unleash a brand new form that he had acquired through his training with Beerus, but we were left to wonder not only what the name of this new form was but the kinds of abilities and power up it offered.

With the debut of the newest chapter of the series, we finally got a crash course in Vegeta's new form that he's officially dubbed as "Ultra Ego." This form greatly differs from Goku's Ultra Instinct in that Vegeta completely maintains the control of his mind and body while using it, but there are some other major key differences as Vegeta explains the nuances of how his new form works with the release of the newest chapter as he continues his fight against Granolah.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Ultra Ego Explained How it Works Manga Spoilers
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After teasing that this new power is "unbounded" with the cliffhanger of the previous chapter, Chapter 75 opens with Vegeta explaining to Granolah that his Ultra Ego form is one that he was able to craft after learning about this destructive power from Beerus. He boasts that the "hotter [his] battle soul burns" the stronger he gets, and we see this in action as he continues to take damage to Granolah but is able to overcome Granolah's counterattacks.

Interestingly enough, it's also not a from the gods use but instead entirely unique to Vegeta. He confirms that it's his own, and was awakened through the battle with Granolah as it unleashes his "innate" power. Instead of avoiding danger, Vegeta's new form willfully turns into it in order for a strength boost as a result. Unfortunately as we see in the fight, it also has a very short limit.

Vegeta's Ultra Ego is limited by his actual body. Like its name suggests, his bark might be more than his bite as his willingness to damage himself is what will ultimately make this form a glass cannon. A form that he should only use at quick bursts until its fully mastered. Then again, there's still the question of what a fully mastered version of this will look like. But what do you think?

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