Dragon Ball Super Imagines Moro's Anime Opening

Dragon Ball has treated fans to plenty of openings during its time, and it seems each fan has a favorite. Whether it is from Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT, each opening from the series has a unique little twist. That goes for Dragon Ball Z Kai, and one fan felt it was time to redo part of its opening with a very new villain.

The gift comes from the artist NotStrykon who hit up Reddit to share their work. The artist decided to insert Moro into part of Dragon Ball Z Kai's opening. And as you can see down below, both sides of the villain are shown in the reel.

To the left, fans can see Moro's final form while the righthand side focuses on Moro after he powers up the first time. The look to the right is generally agreed upon as the best one Moro has, and fans aren't shy to bash his newer form. After all, the lefthand look is very similar to Cell and Frieza, so you can see why fans prefer his second form.

A simple Moro gif I made based on Kai's Opening from r/dbz

The two forms fade into one another, and their anime designs look pristine. This fan-made clip has fans more eager than ever for Moro to hit the screen, but there is no definitive word that will happen. Dragon Ball Super is carrying on strong with its manga, but the same cannot be said with its anime. After all, the show wrapped several years ago, and no one has heard anything from the anime since Dragon Ball Super: Broly debuted.


For now, clips like this will have to keep fans sustained, so we give all the kudos to fan-creators such as NotStrykon. The anime is being kept alive thanks to them, so here's to hoping a Dragon Ball anime announcement is in the works somewhere.

What do you think about this anime concept? Does it suit Moro? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.