Dragon Ball Z Poster Imagines Moro's Old-school Design

Dragon Ball Super had fans all fired up about Universe 12 before its anime ended, but a new threat is facing Goku who is the definition of evil. While the show may be over, the manga has continued with an all-star arc reflecting many of the best parts of Dragon Ball Z. Of course, that is why all eyes are on the villain Moro and his insane goal. In fact, many fans admit they find Moro to be a villain who is perfectly in line with the franchise's earlier days, and that is why one artist has given the guy a Dragon Ball Z makeover.

The gift in question comes from the artist sevensignsart on Instagram. It was there the fan posted their rendition of Moro if he were from Dragon Ball Z, and the artwork works too well. And if given the chance, we'd love for this villain to meet up with Cell someday...

As you can see below, Moro is in his post-transformation state here. This final form gives Moro features somewhere between Freeza and Cell. His round head and narrow face are key expressions found in Dragon Ball. Of course, his super buff body is also par for the course, but the word is out on whether Jiren still wins out with muscle mass here.

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The biggest alterations made to this redesign comes in the color palate. Dragon Ball Super has a very glossy art style, and it favors rich colors and highlights. This dynamic look is far different from the one Dragon Ball Z went with. After all, the old-school anime preferred mute colors and minimal shadows with clean lines. This kind of art is shown here with Moro's redesign, and it only takes a single glance to see how well it suits the ancient villain. So if the anime ever decides to make a comeback, we can only hope Moro hits the small screen in a throwback style or even Shintani's style as they will do him justice.

What do you think about this redesign? Does it help Moro blend into Dragon Ball Z...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.