Dragon Ball Super Pits Black Frieza Against Ultra Instinct Goku in New Short: Watch

Want a sneak-peek at Ultra Instinct Goku fighting Black Frieza? This new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero fan-film teaser has it!

Want to see Ultra instinct Goku battle Black Frieza? Well, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes has inspired one fan to deliver it!

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes feature-film has had a strange path through the Dragon Ball fandom. The film's bold choices to make Gohan and Piccolo the central characters, and trade the traditional animation style for CGI animation, didn't make it a hit initially in Japan; however, those changes made it an international hit, with Super Hero pulling in more (in Japanese yen) than any previous Dragon Ball movie release. 

Since Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero came out, the story of the series has been slowed down considerably. The manga took Goku and Vegeta's storyline (and Frieza's) into bold new places during the "Granolah the Survivor" story arc, but since then the manga has been taking a more in-depth look at the events on Earth that led to the Super Hero movie

That's been something of a  frustrating bottleneck for Dragon Ball fans; the end of the Granolah Arc delivered the massive twist of Frieza showing up and taking out the story arc's villains, The Heeters, while unveiling his new form: Black Frieza. The evil overlord had been feeling some kind of way since realizing how far Goku and Vegeta had progressed their powers while watching them battle Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Taking a page from his enemies' strategy book, Frieza found a Hyperbolic Time Chamber and used it to evolve his powers to previously unseen levels. Frieza promised Goku and Vegeta that he would be returning to lay the smackdown on them at some point in the future – and seemed to prove it by knocking out both Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta in one blow. 

The Granolah Arc ended almost one year ago exactly (at the time of writing this), and fans have been waiting to see when the rematch with Black Frieza and an upgraded Ultra Instinct Goku will happen – not to mention how power-upgraded Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo fit into that inevitable battle with the Frieza Force.

The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Fan Animation has been filling the void fans have been feeling while waiting for the anime (or even the manga) to push forward in some form. After an initial installment of the fan anime gave fans a re-imagined final battle to Super Hero (with Gohan, Piccolo, the Red Ribbon Army, and the original Cell), this "Part 2" looks to be delivering an even more ambition (and ultimately satisfying) battle concept, which brings the storylines of the manga and anime movies together by having Black Frieza join Cell on the battlefield! 

...At this rate, having barely any Dragon Ball Super anime content, we'll take whatever we can get.