Dragon Ball Super Promo Brings Piccolo's Voice Actor to the Theater

Piccolo first hit the scene as a Demon King in the early days of Dragon Ball, but since his time as a villain, he has evolved into one of Earth's greatest protectors. With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero set to arrive this June, Piccolo is set to receive a new transformation to help fight against the Red Ribbon Army, and the voice actor behind the greenest member of the heroes created by Akira Toriyama has released a new promo in celebration of "Greener Day".

Piccolo is one of the many characters from the Dragon Ball series that started out as a villain but slowly became a hero, forming a friendship with Gohan during the Saiyan Saga. While there was a brief moment in time where Piccolo was the strongest member of the Z-Fighters, during the Cell Saga following his merging with Kami, he has since been unable to keep up with the likes of Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct, and Ultra Ego to name a few. While Dragon Ball Super has made sure to put Piccolo in some major arcs such as the Universe 6 Tournament, the Tournament of Power, and Moro Arc, it seems that the upcoming movie will be giving him a power-up via his new form that has been dubbed by fans as "Piccolo Smooth".

Twitter User DBSHype shared this latest promo that sees Toshio Furukawa celebrating "Greenery Day" with Piccolo of course being the greenest member of the Z-Fighters, though his skin is about to take on a different hue when Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arrives this June: 

While Piccolo and Gohan are taking center stage in this upcoming Shonen movie, Goku and Vegeta are planning to make appearances as well, though it seems that they'll be off-world when the Red Ribbon returns from the grave and attempts to enact their latest mysterious plan. As the pair of Saiyans trains on the same planet where Beerus and Whis reside, it seems that Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan, has become their newest training partner, following the events of the previous Dragon Ball Super movie.


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