Everything We Know About Dragon Ball Super's New Piccolo Form

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is just weeks away at this point, and Piccolo is probably the most excited for its release. After all, the hero has been through a lot in the series, and fans have long pleaded for Piccolo to get a power boost. A recent update from Dragon Ball Super confirmed such a gift was coming, but as always, the announcement has left more questions than answers.

Of course, that means there are tons of questions about Piccolo and his new power. There aren't nearly as many answers as fans would like these days, but they will come gradually as Dragon Ball Super nears its big return date. But for now, we do know a few things about Piccolo's new form.

First of all, we do have the name, and it is pretty telling. Dragon Ball Super confirmed in a tweet that Piccolo's new form is called Potential Unleashed. This spelling is the exact same in Japan as Gohan's Ultimate form, so fans are already geeking out about that connection.

After all, Gohan's Ultimate form isn't anything to sneeze at. It is considered the hero's top power as it enables Gohan to unlock all of their dormant potential. Ultimate Gohan can then push beyond those limits to become even more powerful, so Piccolo could definitely use a power like this. It isn't tied to anything with Saiyans, so the Namekian can definitely learn to access the state.

And of course, we know a bit about how the form looks on Piccolo. Potential Unleashed makes the Namekian a lighter green shade to the point he's almost yellow-green. His arms also smooth out and lose their lines as you can see above. So far, these are the biggest visual changes the state makes to Piccolo, but there could be additional differences added once the Dragon Ball Super film goes live.

What do you make of Piccolo's new form so far? Are you hyped to see the Namekian get some Dragon Ball Super love? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.