Toei Animation Finance Report Prove Dragon Ball Reigns Supreme

Toei Animation is busy these days with its TV series, and thanks to Dragon Ball, the company is keeping a close eye on theaters as well. A few months ago, the hit franchise launched its newest film, and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hit the big screen with a bang. And now, a new financial report from Toei Animation proves the IP is still number one when it comes to revenue.

The update comes from Toei itself as the company released its FY2023 report for quarter one. The data, which was gathered between April and June, clocks the company's revenue from television series and films both overseas and within Japan. And as you can see, Dragon Ball reigns supreme in this report.

When it comes to domestic licensing, Dragon Ball came in first place followed by One Piece. This time, the franchises were close in earnings as the latter IP is celebrating a major resurgence this year. Its anime has never been better thanks to the Wano Country saga, and it has a movie on the horizon. After One Piece, the company's third top-earner is Pretty Cure with Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai coming in fourth.

As for overseas film revenue, Dragon Ball came in first which may surprise fans. It was nearly double One Piece which landed in second, and that is because of Toei Animation's film licensing. The company has already made revenue from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero abroad thanks to broadcast deals, and it will continue to profit once box office totals come in. Toei's domestic film revenue also put Dragon Ball Super in first place as the company nearly doubled revenue thanks to Goku as it went from 4.3 billion yen to almost 8 billion in a year.

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And for general licensing overseas, Dragon Ball came in first with more than double the revenue One Piece pulled in the first quarter. Digimon landed in third place while Slam Dunk shot for fourth.

Right now, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is only screening in Japan, but it will not be long before the movie goes live in global markets. Crunchyroll is slated to debut the film on August 19th stateside, and other regions will follow with their own premieres. 

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