‘Dragon Ball Super’ May Have Dropped An Ultra Instinct Vegeta Teaser

Dragon Ball Super has given fans lots of new transformations, but Ultra Instinct is one audiences [...]

Dragon Ball Super has given fans lots of new transformations, but Ultra Instinct is one audiences cannot let go. Goku tapped into the state during his first fight with Jiren, and the Saiyan has since shown how powerful it is. Naturally, fans are wondering if Vegeta will be able to use the form, and the anime's latest episode seems to have hinted at whether it's possible.

This weekend, Dragon Ball Super released its 117th episode, and the release put the spotlight on Androids 17 and 18. Vegeta also got a brief close-up as he took on Katopesia from Universe 4, and it was there the Saiyan tried to use Ultra Instinct.

After being challenged by the police officer, Vegeta chose to use Katopesia as a training tool to unlock Ultra Instinct. The Saiyan hoped he would be able to dodge the fighter's attacks unconsciously like Goku, but Vegeta wasn't pushed hard enough to enter the new form. After taking a few hits, Universe 7 began balking from the stands, but it was Whis who discerned Vegeta's real strategy.

"Perhaps Vegeta may be trying to attain Ultra Instinct too," the angel commented.

Still, Vegeta was unable to do as Goku did against Jiren and Kefla. The Saiyan grew tired of taking punches, and he let his aggression get the best of him. Vegeta went on the offensive against Katopesia, and the poor guy was berated by a serious of attacks. It was only then did the episode swing back to Whis, and the angel noted that "this style sill suits Vegeta."

For fans, the angel's comment has some of them revisiting a recent Dragon Ball Super theory. After Whis revealed Goku has yet to master Ultra Instinct, some began wondering if Vegeta would be the one to complete the form. Whis said Goku had not figured out how to attack unconsciously and only knows how to dodge. The angel went on to say he wasn't sure if Goku could master the form in the Tournament's remaining time, but Vegeta may be able to bridge the gap.

When fans think of Vegeta and his fighting style, they do not think about strategy. Rather, they think about aggression and thinly veiled brutality. Vegeta is the kind of fighter who attacks first and thinks later. If the Saiyan were going to unlock a side of Ultra Instinct, he would be suited for an offensive aesthetic which is what Whis just confirmed.

Of course, there is no telling if Vegeta will learn how to use Ultra Instinct before the Tournament of Power runs up, but there is a good chance. Goku will need to be able to attack unconsciously if he wants to take out Jiren, and Vegeta could help Goku do just that. If the pair teamed up with their Ultra Instinct styles, they would be hard to beat - and if they fused using Potara earrings - Jiren would surely be KO'd.

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