Dragon Ball Super: What Is The Heeters' Wish?

While Dragon Ball Super's manga has mostly focused on Goku and Vegeta battling against the intergalactic bounty hunter Granolah, who used the Dragon Balls to become the strongest being in the universe. However, it seems as though Granolah isn't the only one that is set to take advantage of the "wishing orbs," as the nefarious criminal organization known as the Heeters are set to do the same, leaving many fans, and ourselves, wondering what the quartet of villains might wish for as they seek to claim Frieza's army for themselves while pitting their enemies against one another. 

Warning. If you haven't kept up with the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super's manga, steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

The Heeters' ultimate goal is to take over the universe for themselves, with the biggest threat in front of them being Frieza, the alien despot responsible for the destruction of the Saiyan race. While the machinations of Elec, Oil and Maki have helped in placing Goku and Vegeta on a collision course with Granolah, the smallest member, Gas, seems to be harboring the most power. Having seen what the bounty hunter has been able to do with the Dragon Balls, perhaps the Heeters will decide to make one of their own the strongest being in the universe, willing to take on the negative side effects of such a risk. 

Another course of action that the Heeters could take is somehow using the Dragon Balls to eliminate Frieza himself, though the dragon of Cereal might not be strong enough to do so. With Frieza currently able to transform into Golden Frieza and prove himself to be one of the strongest beings in the universe to this day, it lends credence to the idea that the criminal organization might want one of their own to overtake his power level.

Perhaps, the Heeters might also use the Dragon Balls to place one of the combatants under their sway, whether it be Granolah, Goku, or Vegeta, especially with the Prince of the Saiyans recently showing off his Ultra Ego form. Regardless, there are plenty of avenues for the criminals to explore as they get ready to have their wildest dream come true.

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