Dragon Ball Z Android 18 Cosplay Takes Us Back To The Cell Games

The strongest female fighter in the roster of the Z Fighters in the Dragon Ball franchise is most assuredly Android 18, the one time antagonist creation brought to life by Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon Army, who is perfectly brought to life by an anime cosplayer! Though 18 has had a number of different looks during her time in the franchise, with her sporting a track suit during the events of Dragon Ball Super, it's clear that the artificial human has made quite the name for herself, especially when she fights alongside her brother in Android 17!

During the Tournament of Power arc, 18 fought alongside the Z Fighters in attempting to save their universe. Facing down threats from alternate realities, her ability to essentially never lose stamina as a result of her status as an Android, she proved to be invaluable by taking down a number of opponents. While she didn't make it to the end of the brief tournament, her brother was able to win and used his wish upon the Super Dragon Balls in order to bring back to life all of their opponents that were killed as a result of losing the tournament.

Instagram Cosplayer Artemis Moon Cosplay shared this take on Android 18, specifically during the time when she was absorbed by the nightmarish creation of Dr. Gero in Cell, creating one of the strongest enemies that Goku and the other Z Fighters have ever tangled with:

Currently, both Android 17 and 18 are helping Goku and company fight against the ancient threat known as Moro, a wizard who has the ability to absorb energy from opponents. Once again, the androids are beneficial as their energy can't be absorbed by Moro, but this quirk wasn't enough to stop the antagonist from absorbing one of his henchmen and reaching a new level of power. Luckily for the world, Goku still has his Ultra Instinct transformation waiting in the wings!

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