Dragon Ball Z Fan Builds Up the Perfect Android 18 Cosplay

Dragon Ball Z brought back androids in a big way back in the day, and fans are still in love with [...]

Dragon Ball Z brought back androids in a big way back in the day, and fans are still in love with two of its best fighters. Android 17 and Android 18 had fans hyped from their first appearance, and who could blame them after hearing from Future Trunks? The pair are sided with heroes nowadays, but the android siblings gave off intense energy back then that one fan has replicated with a stunning cosplay.

Over on Instagram, fans got to check out the cosplay when the user enjinight shared their take on Android 18. The stunning look imagines the fighter in one of her classic outfits, and fans admit the cosplayer may have the best old-school take on Android 18 they've ever seen.

"My first take on Android 18 from Dragon Ball. I was very excited to cosplay her, especially since people have been telling me for many years that I should do her," the cosplayer shared with fans.

"Unfortunately my wig ended up being too short for her ( I blame the heat, it was making my brain go error while I was cutting it xD) and I'm really not sure if I like this version on myself either, but since it was quite quick to put it together, I try not to complain."

As you can see above, the Dragon Ball cosplay looks pristine with a cropped pink shirt and pearl necklace lying over the neckline. A short leather vest completes the top while a pair of high-waisted blue jeans fill out her bottom. The pants are paired with a brown belt and jewelry chain while Android 18 rocks leather gloves on both hands.

From their pose to their accessories, the cosplayer nailed their take on Android 18 with easy. This is a casual look that enjinight could wear it out on errands, but the wig and makeup turn the outfit into something distinctly Dragon Ball. And as you can imagine, netizens are showing the fan with all the praise for their work here.

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