Dragon Ball Z Embraces Halloween with Horrifying Cell Poster

Cell was always a terrifying villain during his time in the Akira Toriyama Shonen series of Dragon [...]

Cell was always a terrifying villain during his time in the Akira Toriyama Shonen series of Dragon Ball Z, though perhaps his most scary appearance came in the form of his first form and one fan has perfectly recreated the antagonist using some extremely slick fan art! Many fans of the Dragon Ball franchise are waiting to see if we'll eventually see the biological nightmare created by Dr. Gero in a bid to get revenge on Son Goku following his take down of the Red Ribbon army in the first anime series that introduced us to the world of the Saiyans!

Akira Toriyama has actually gone on record about the number of changes that came about during the Android Saga, with the story line originally supposed to have both Dr. Gero and Android 19 as the main villains of this arc. Following this, Toriyama created the trio of Androids 16, 17, and 18 to act as the antagonists following some editorial notes, and then ultimately decided to create Cell as the big threat for Goku and his friends. Cell was given three distinct forms as he sought to attain his "Perfect" self, but his original form was by far the most disturbing and works well in the context of this spooky season!

Instagram Artist Guillaume Menuel shared this impressive art work for the first form of the biological terror of Dragon Ball Z known as Cell, capturing the menace of the creation of Dr. Gero when he first hit the scene in search of both Androids 17 and 18:

Dragon Ball Z's Cell, as mentioned earlier, has yet to return in either the current series of Dragon Ball Super or the spin-off anime of Super Dragon Ball Heroes but with so many villains being brought back to the land of the living, we would imagine that it will only be a matter of time until we see the creation of Dr. Gero make a return appearance.

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