Viral Dragon Ball x King of the Hill Mash-Up Finally Brings Hank Hill to Anime

One Dragon Ball and King of the Hill mash up has gone viral for finally bringing Hank Hill to the [...]

One Dragon Ball and King of the Hill mash up has gone viral for finally bringing Hank Hill to the world of anime! One of the biggest in jokes that has sparked among anime fans in the last few years has been how King of the Hill is now seen as an anime. This has sparked all sorts of fun ideas and remixes among fans, and has even gone as far as reaching Japan as fans over there have debated whether or not to watch the series with the original dub or subtitles. Now this has gone to the next level.

greentheforbiddenone has gone viral with both Dragon Ball and King of the Hill fans on TikTok for a perfect mash up between the two franchises. Imagining Hank and Bobby in place of Goku and Gohan before the final fight with Cell in Dragon Ball Z, it not only highlights the similarities between the two fathers but it hilariously goes on to show just how much alike the two series actually are (and why anime fans have become so attached to King of the Hill over the years). Check it out below:


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Jokingly or not, King of the Hill has hilariously been recognized by fans as an anime series. It's essentially become a meme in and of itself, but it's only because Hank Hill and the rest of Arlen's citizens are so malleable to new anime makeovers. It makes for a weird image at the end of the day to see Hank Hill's head on Goku's body, but it would be pretty hilarious to see how Hank would also handle a challenge like Cell. Same goes for the idea of Goku selling propane and propane accessories.

King of the Hill might have ended its run some time ago, but negotiations about a potential revival series are reportedly in the works. As for Dragon Ball, Toei Animation recently announced that Dragon Ball Super will be returning with a new movie in 2022. Details for this new movie are currently scarce, but a confirmation that more is on the way is certainly enough to keep the hype train rolling. Maybe the two can have an official crossover someday?

What do you think of King of the Hill's takeover of the anime world? Which King of the Hill character would hilariously fit the best in Dragon Ball? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!