Dragon Ball Meets Sony's Playstation 5 With Hilarious Majin Buu Fusion

Majin Buu has spent plenty of time fusing with opponents throughout his tenure as both a villain and a hero throughout the Dragon Ball series but now he is apparently fusing with the most powerful upcoming object in the future with Sony's Playstation 5. The "Dual Sense" controller was revealed as anticipation rises for the next console in the line of Sony's Playstation series, giving fans a first look of how they'll be wirelessly taking control of some of the biggest characters in the video gaming world. Though the release date for the next Playstation has yet to be confirmed, it's clear the excitement is building!

The pink powerful brawler originally debuted as one of the most powerful villains in Dragon Ball's history, appearing as a monstrous albeit comical powerhouse that caused the death of Vegeta as he attempted to transform everyone in the world into candy for his enjoyment. Throughout the final major arc of Dragon Ball Z, Buu went through a number of different transformations, eventually going so far as to use parts of his gelatinous pink body to absorb and fuse with a number of opponents such as Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan to name a few. With Goku and Vegeta employing a fusion of their own to create Vegito, Buu's fusing techniques came to an end but gave birth to the evil Kid Buu!

Boss Logic, who is easily one of the most recognizable fan artists in the game today, shared this hilarious fusion via his Official Twitter Account, seeing the Dragon Ball Z villain fuse with the recently revealed Playstation 5 controller of the Dual Sense:


Recently, in Dragon Ball Super, Buu has been given a big role as he tangled with the God of Destruction Beerus to start, playing an important role in the Tournament of Power (before falling into a coma-like sleep), and is currently proving to be an interesting foil in the battle against Moro in the events of the manga. With Buu being like many villains before him in turning to the light side, it will be interesting to see how his role expands in the franchise and if he fuses with anyone else moving forward!

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