Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Is Promising According to Emily Blunt

Edge of Tomorrow presented an action-packed story that took the idea of Groundhog's Day and [...]

Edge of Tomorrow presented an action-packed story that took the idea of Groundhog's Day and flipped it on its ear, presenting a science fiction battle wherein the protagonist played by Tom Cruise found himself reliving the same day over and over, and his co-star, Emily Blunt, has recently noted that the script for the next installment is looking extremely promising! Though we have no idea when, or if, the sequel to this alien battle will take place, it's clear that developments have been taking place behind the scenes to one day make it a reality!

Edge of Tomorrow, for those who might not know, was based on the manga series titled "All You Need Is Kill" which featured Earth attempting to battle against an alien threat using some ingenious mechanical frames that would give human soldiers some serious firepower! The first film was released in 2014 and focused on Blunt's character attempting to wrap her head around the idea that Tom Cruise's Major William Cage was reliving the same day over and over, attempting to save the world while navigating a path that would hopefully not result in his death!

Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Emily Blunt
(Photo: Village Roadshow Pictures)

Emily Blunt, who played the role of the "Angel of Verdun" in the first installment, recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, noting that the script for the sequel has been completed and broke down her feelings about her potential return to the fan-favorite first film:

"Yes, [the script] is really promising and really, really cool. I just don't know when everything's going to sort of aligning, you know what I mean? Between all of our schedules, it would just have to be the right time. But there is something in the works, for sure, that's a great idea. A great idea."

While details about the story of the sequel film have yet to be revealed, Blunt's excitement about the potential movie certainly has us interested in seeing where this new tale might lead. Though the sequel to A Quiet Place, Blunt's successful science fiction movie that was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, has yet to be released, it certainly seems like the future is bright for the actress!

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