'Edge of Tomorrow 2' Writer Provides Movie Update

Tom Cruise is no stranger to surprise science-fiction hits, and a major recent cult hit of his was [...]

Tom Cruise is no stranger to surprise science-fiction hits, and a major recent cult hit of his was Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow in 2014. Fans wanted a sequel, and Liman and started the process of making it happen last year, but news on that front has quieted.

Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible - Fallout director and writer on Edge of Tomorrow, recently updated fans to let them know they are "working on it."

During a recent friendly Q&A session on Twitter, one fan asked about the Edge of Tomorrow sequel, and McQuarrie responded that "We're working on it. No idea how or when it will happen." Though this might seem like a bummer of an update, it should make fans rest a big easier to know that the sequel has not been forgotten about. It could be due to a number of scheduling factors, as both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt have been tied to major projects since the release of the first film.

Edge of Tomorrow's sequel, currently titled Live Die Repeat, and Repeat, was put into early production last October by director Doug Liman after it received such a huge response from fans when it released on home video. The sequel has been said to end the series, and the film's script is being worked on quite a bit.

However long it takes, director Doug Liman believes it will "revolutionize" sequels. So the final film product will certainly be one fans will not want to miss. Though hopefully the wait is not as long as it could be.

Edge of Tomorrow (re-titled as Live. Die. Repeat for the home video release) was released in 2014 and stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Directed by Doug Liman, the film was based off the Japanese light novel All You Need is Kill, written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka with illustrations provided by Yoshitoshi Abe.

The original story followed the United Defense Force recruit Keiji Kiriya, who gets caught in a time loop after dying in battle. Keiji then uses this time loop to find out more about the invading aliens, and soon learns a comrade of his is in a time loop of their own. Edge of Tomorrow closely adapts the original story, but changes a few things for the film. The film is described as such:

"When Earth falls under attack from invincible aliens, no military unit in the world is able to beat them. Maj. William Cage (Tom Cruise), an officer who has never seen combat, is assigned to a suicide mission. Killed within moments, Cage finds himself thrown into a time loop, in which he relives the same brutal fight -- and his death -- over and over again. However, Cage's fighting skills improve with each encore, bringing him and a comrade (Emily Blunt) ever closer to defeating the aliens."