Evangelion Director Comments on Final Film's Status

Neon Genesis Evangelion's main anime series might have ended years ago, but the recent Rebuild of Evangelion film series has one more movie to go in Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, and the director of the final installment has given fans an update on the current status of the film. Like many other feature length films in the world of anime, and entertainment in general, the upcoming Evangelion movie was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic but has yet to receive a definite release date, leaving NERV fans wondering just when the final chapter will arrive!

The director of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, Hideaki Anno, has been with the series for quite some time, having been a part of the original television series that was produced by Gainax Studio. With the twenty fifth anniversary of the franchise's television run under way, there is no better time for an update when it comes to the latest story in the series. The Rebuild of Evangelion series tells the original story of NERV in a brand new light, adding in new characters as well as changing several events for how the adventures of Shinji and his fellow Eva pilots originally went down.

Hideaki Anno said the following via Studio Khara's Official Twitter Account with regards to the status of the final film in the Evangelion Rebuild series: "It's been 27 years of work since then, but it's finally coming to an end. It's my fault that production has taken so long, but Evangelion has been able to come this far thanks to all the fans. I thank you once again."

While there has been no new updates with regards to the future of the franchise following the conclusion of the Rebuild of Evangelion series, we would imagine that the stories of Shinji and NERV are far from being closed when it comes to new takes on the old classic that has become one of the most influential anime ever created!

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