Evangelion Staffer Spills Secrets Behind Netflix's Controversial License

Neon Genesis Evangelion had a big year in 2020, most specifically thanks to the streaming service of Netflix adding the legendary anime to its roster, and it seems as if one of the original voice actors of the series has taken to social media to share some details about the recording sessions for the new take on the series. Netflix's addition of Evangelion made many changes not just when it came to the script for the voice actors and the English subs, but also when it came to losing some of the songs that made the anime such a classic.

The original English voice actress for Rei, Amanda Winn Lee, stated on Twitter that the Non-Disclosure Agreement that she signed with Netflix had expired, allowing her to go into detail about the "awful script", in her words, that was used. Apparently, the script was almost used twenty-five years prior in the original English recording of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and was deemed "too ridiculous" by both Amanda and other members of the cast during the first sessions. Recently, the Evangelion series released the final film in Japan of the Rebuild series, which tells a very different story from the television series, though a North American release date has yet to be revealed.

Amanda Winn Lee shared her thoughts on her Official Twitter Account, detailing her dislike of the script that had been used in the new English dub for Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix which made more than a few changes when it came to the script used in the original version:

Amanda might not have lent her voice to the latest take on Rei, but she still remains a prominent voice actor, having given life to several characters from the video game franchise of Persona, Heather Mason in the Silent Hill horror series, as well as classic anime series such as Golden Boy, Devil Hunter Yohko, and Gunsmith Cats to name a few.


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