Fairy Tail Rumor Suggests a Big Announcement Is on the Way

When it comes to anime rumors, there are plenty that pop up by the day, but some gain a lot more traction than others. If you did not know, Fairy Tail has become the focus of one such report. After all, a well-known insider in Japan has shared a bit of information about the anime, and it has fans wondering what might be in store for the Hiro Mashima title.

Over on Twitter, fans began buzzing when the user Ryokutya shared a teaser online. It was there the well-known page said Fairy Tail and Edens Zero have some surprising announcements in store. The surprising news is expected to drop in April, but asides from this rumor, nothing has been said officially or otherwise about the series.

Of course, Ryokutya's reputation has pushed this rumor far and wide. Both of these series are hugely popular with fans, so it is easy to rile up their fanbases. This is why a ton of theories have popped up about this rumor, and Fairy Tail fans have ideas of what might be happening. Some believe Fairy Tail might be on the brink of an anime given the continued success of its sequel, 100 Years Quest. Others think the announcement will be about the sequel manga ending all together, so fans will want to keep an eye out.

As for Edens Zero, the anime is living large right now following its Spring debut. The Netflix exclusive is wowing fans across the sea, so it isn't impossible to think a movie might be in the works already. But for now, we'll just have to wait and see how this rumor pans out at the end of this month.

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