Godzilla Drops Festive New Christmas Sweater

The king of the kaiju is looking to ring in the Holidays in style as Godzille themed apparel has now been made available for fans of the giant lizard, putting the most popular creation of Toho Studios into the limelight once again via his original aesthetic in the first movie of the "monster verse"! With Godzilla having hit the news a lot recently thanks in part to rumblings that the next installment of the Legendary Pictures version of the world of kaiju, Godzilla Vs Kong, may be making its way onto HBO Max in the near future!

Godzilla Vs Kong was delayed numerous times, with the latest thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic which has hit the world of Hollywood hard, as nearly all of the major blockbusters that were set to arrive in 2020 were either delayed or placed onto various streaming services. With the upcoming war between the current lizard king and the ruler of Skull Island originally set to arrive next year in theaters, the question of whether or not theaters will be ready, or even open, at that point is still up in the air which definitely gives credence to the idea that the titanic match up will be arriving to households via the new streaming platform of HBO Max.

Twitter Outlet Kaiju News Outlet shared this new holiday sweater that puts the king of the kaiju into a festive mood that fans can join in on for around $30 USD, as well as a t-shirt for $25 that shows off Godzilla emerging from the depths and causing quite the wave as a bi-product:

Though we know where the next entry of Godzilla will be dropping in the west with the upcoming Legendary feature length film, the question remains over how the lizard king will return to Japan. Considering the last time we saw Godzilla was in his "Shin" form, it will be interesting to see whether or not he returns in this form or is given a new makeover down the line.


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