Godzilla vs Kong Surfaces in Newly Discovered Banner

Godzilla vs Kong might be a year out from release, but the delayed film is still trying to keep in touch with fans. The epic crossover has kept fans on their toys with a slew of toy announcements, and each drop has given us even more information on the hush-hush blockbuster. Now, it seems one fan has found a new banner for the film after a bit of digging, and it is all thanks to some courtesy Youtube code.

Over on Reddit, the user NeelZilla shared a photo they discovered while digging through code on Youtube. The information was found after digging at the official channel for Playmates Toys. The brand is one of several with a product license for Godzilla vs Kong, and it seems one of its announcement videos was hiding a new banner for the film in is source code. You can check out the image here.

You can check out the quick promo banner below. The marketing piece is not meant to pitch the movie itself but more so its toys. That is why Godzilla and King Kong are so very saturated with their colors on high. After all, you have to catch kids' eyes in the toy store, and a vetted way of doing so is to get colorful!

As you can see, this promo shot isn't groundbreaking. Godzilla vs Kong is shown at its most basic with a logo, fiery background, and two monsters. Godzilla looks ready to fight as does King Kong given his cocked fist. The film's logo sits between the two opponents, and given the damage done to the city behind them, Godzilla vs Kong will feature lots of action sequences.

Of course, fans are assuming those action shots will happen. The movie has yet to release an official teaser or trailer at this point. With the movie moved to 2021 given the pandemic, Warner Bros. Pictures has time to get the debut trailer done right, so we're all crossing our fingers for something impressive when Godzilla vs Kong shows out at last.


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