Godzilla's Ultimate Rival Ghidorah Honored by Newly Discovered Sea Worm Name

King Ghidorah has been one of the biggest enemies of Godzilla long before the MonsterVerse brought him back to the forefront via Godzilla: King of the Monsters, having spent decades fighting against the lizard king. While he died twice over the course of Godzilla's latest reign of destruction, it seems that the three headed dragon has been given new life thanks to a biological study that has discovered a new kind of sea worm, which has quite a lot in common with the killer kaiju. 

According to Live Science, the worms' official name is "Ramisyllis Kingghidorahi" thanks in part to the sea creatures' ability to snap off parts of itself to continue the reproduction process, creating new worms as a result of their unique power. The lead author of the project that discovered these biological marvels, Maria Teresa Aguado, explained in further detail why the worms were named after the terrifying behemoth with three heads:

"King Ghidorah is a branching fictional animal that can regenerate its lost ends. So we thought this was an appropriate name for the new species of branching worm,"

The scientist explained they weren't quite sure "what the relationship between the worms and its host sponge is," shrouding some mystery on the reproduction of these strange creatures. With this being the third species of sea worm of this kind discovered, with the first being found in 1879, it's quite the honor for the deadly kaiju to hit the world of science as such.

For fans not up to date on the status of King Ghidorah, his loss against Godzilla in Godzilla: King of the Monsters wasn't the end for the three-headed dragon, as its skulls were used in the creation of Mechagodzilla which hit landfall in the successful crossover movie, Godzilla Vs. Kong. Unfortunately for the former king of the monsters, Godzilla and Kong were able to team up to defeat the latest incarnation of Ghidorah, leaving fans of the MonsterVerse to wonder if the new television series might be bringing the dragon back to life. 

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