Watch: New Godzilla Museum Opens with Fans Ziplining Into the Monster's Mouth

The Godzilla Museum has opened its doors and fans can now have the amazing ability to actually zip line through the mouth of the lizard king, as well as see some of the best props that were used in creating the kaiju universe in Japan, and now you can watch what these "zipliners" experience as they navigate through one of the newest interpretations of the king of the monsters in Shin Godzilla. While you don't need to zipline through Shin's mouth in order to gain entry into the museum, it certainly looks like an amazingly fun experience to do so!

Aside from ziplining through the kaiju's head and seeing some of the props that helped create Toho Studios' biggest property, the Godzilla museum also gives patrons the ability to eat kaiju themed food and pretend to be scientists themselves by playing games that allows them to fire guns at monstrous threats! The museum also offers a number of pieces of merchandise for fans to buy that are specific to this locale, and with the entry fee only being around $10 USD, this definitely seems to be an attraction that does the lizard king justice, whether it be the original incarnation or the recent Shin Godzilla iteration!

Twitter Outlets were revealing a number of videos and photos

While there hasn't been any news of a version of this museum coming to the West, I would imagine that there are more than a few kaiju fans who would jump at the chance to zipline through Godzilla's mouth!


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Via Kotaku