Godzilla Museum Opens Its Doors For A Limited Time

Kaiju fans in North America are set to be super jealous of those in Japan as the Godzilla Museum has opened its doors for a limited time at Awaji Island, set to give giant monster fans a number of attractions to witness from the world of the king of the monsters, as well as a zipline that will let park goers travel directly into the mouth of the most popular kaiju in the world. Titled "Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji - National Awaji Institute of Godzilla Disaster", the attraction is sure to satiate kaiju fan's need for a real life monster park!

The park itself isn't entirely opened, but fans of the kaiju-verse will have the opportunity to experience some of the Godzilla theme park that joins a cavalcade of other attractions in the overall anime amusement park. Featuring not only the ability to zipline into Shin Godzilla's body, but an informational video showing off the creation of the park, Godzilla themed food, the aforementioned museum, and a shop that allows kaiju fans to pick up some amazing giant monster merchandise, we can only cross our fingers that North America will one day see an attraction of the same scale as the "Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji"!

Twitter User, and video game designer, David Scott Jaffe shared the image from the recently opened Godzilla Museum attraction that will be opened for a limited time this summer, closing its doors at the end of this month on August 30th:

While an official opening date for the entirety of the Godzilla Museum has yet to be announced, we would imagine that it wouldn't be too far off from this initial preview of the insane kaiju attraction. The park itself will only have an entry fee of around $10 USD for those looking to dive into this new world of Kaiju, and will also feature props and figures used as a part of the past Toho films that helped make Godzilla a household name!


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