Godzilla: Singular Point Shares First Synopsis

Godzilla has roared for decades now, and its status as King of the Monsters endures to this day. While Hollywood takes care of the kaiju with its MonsterVerse, Japan is delving into its own stories featuring the kaiju. One such project will debut soon when Godzilla: Singular Point debuts and a new blurb has been released describing the big anime.

For those who need a bit of context, Godzilla: Singular Point was first announced earlier this year by Netflix. The streaming giant confirmed it has licensed the new series for all us kaiju fans.

Godzilla Singular Point Netflix Anime Poster
(Photo: Netflix)

Now, a new synopsis has surfaced for the upcoming series. Godzilla: Singular Point has shared another blurb that focuses on its human heroes Mei Kamino and Yun Arikawa. You can read the short synopsis below:

"When danger comes up from the depths, only young geniuses Mei, Yun, and their team can face the threat in Godzilla: Singular Point." (via Kaiju News Outlet)

As you can see, this new anime will be markedly different from the Godzilla movie trilogy that came to Netflix last year. It goes without saying that Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters was met with a mixed reception. The site hopes to avoid such reviews this time around with a more focused story that is overseen by two industry giants.


After all, Netflix has tapped Bones and Orange to work on the series. Godzilla: Singular Point will be helmed by director Atsushi Takahashi. It will also feature character designs by Blue Exorcist's creator Kazue Kato. And with Studio Ghibli's Eiji Yamamori overseeing the kaiju designs, it seems this series is destined to be something special!

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