Godzilla vs Kong Director Pitches the MonsterVerse He Wants to See

The latest entry into Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse is tearing up the charts at the box office, [...]

The latest entry into Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse is tearing up the charts at the box office, and the director of Godzilla vs Kong, Adam Wingard, hasn't been shy of his love of the world of giant monsters. With rumors beginning to swirl that Godzilla and Kong might return to the big screen with Wingard in tow, the director has shared his thoughts of how he would like to continue in this universe.

Over on Reddit, the whole thing went down when an AMA was held with Wingard. It was there the director answered a ton of questions about his work on Godzilla vs Kong. During the chat, one fan asked Wingard what monster or story needs to join the MonsterVerse next, and the director had a simple wish to share.

godzilla kong doug
(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

"I want the DOUG movie," Wingard stressed. And honestly? We agree.

For those who don't know about Doug, don't be too alarmed. You did not miss a major part of Godzilla vs Kong or any other MonsterVerse movie. Doug did debut in Wingard's latest film, but the name Doug came straight from fans.

As you can see above, the monster pictured is Doug himself. The beast was shown during Kong's first walk through Hollow Earth. The strange world was filled with creatures we have never seen before. Obviously, many of them were of the kanji nature, and Doug is no exception. The lumbering lizard is shown eating a smaller insect-like creature, and he looked so happy doing it. Fans were quick to call the unnamed monster Doug, and the monster has gained a cult following in the wake of Godzilla vs Kong.

Now, it seems like Wingard is down for Doug to get a movie of his own. This turnaround is pretty much perfect, and it shows the power of Godzilla fans. We can only hope the MonsterVerse carries on just for Doug's sake, so we're keeping our fingers crossed tight these days!

If you haven't checked out Godzilla vs Kong just yet, you best do so soon! The movie will only show on HBO Max for a little while longer, but its theatrical run should extend into May for some locations. Godzilla vs Kong has grossed over $400 million USD and is one of the top-performing movies to hit theaters since the pandemic began in 2020.

What do you think of Wingard's pitch? Are you down for Doug to make his way back to the big screen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.