Godzilla vs Kong Theory Signals Mothra's MonsterVerse Return

Godzilla vs Kong has proven itself to be one of the most successful films of the pandemic age, and [...]

Godzilla vs Kong has proven itself to be one of the most successful films of the pandemic age, and its box office numbers are hard to deny. The movie has made over $400 million around the globe since its debut in March. Now, fans are speculating what might happen with the MonsterVerse next, and a special reference in Godzilla vs Kong may have spilled the details so far as Mothra is concerned.

If you have seen the new MonsterVerse movie, then you will know the flick focuses on Godzilla, Kong, and MechaGodzilla with little deviation. The monsters have become a central part of the global experience following the arrival of Godzilla back in the day. And now, it seems like Mothra might return to the world in a brand-new body following Godzilla vs Kong.

godzilla mothra

The whole theory sprung to life thanks to Bernies Hayes, a podcast host in Godzilla vs Kong who specializes in kaiju conspiracies. In the movie, fans are shown a list of his episode titles, and one of them is very telling. The episode is titled "Mothra Pregnancy Theory", and if you know the Toho-verse, then you will recognize this theory as a proven fact instead.

While fans aren't made privy to Hayes' theory, the title alone is enough to spark theories for everyone. After all, Mothra is a rare kaiju in the Toho-verse given its ability to be reborn. Mothra ensures its life will carry on once it has reached full adulthood by laying eggs. Much like how Godzilla: King of the Monsters teased a new Mothra egg in its end credits, Godzilla vs Kong did the same with help from a cult podcast.

If Mothra is brought back to the MonsterVerse, fans will get to see more of the spectacular kaiju in action. Mothra's rebirth abilities allow her to pass on memories to her progeny, so the beast lives on through her kin. This would work well for Godzilla given his symbiotic relationship with the giant moth, but that is not always the case. Mothra has been known to work against Godzilla in the Toho-verse from time to time. So if the MonsterVerse is looking for a new villain, Mothra's return could do just the trick!

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