Godzilla vs. Kong Director Reveals the Film's Original Ending

Godzilla vs. Kong's director has revealed the original ending planned for the big film! Legendary's MonsterVerse came to a climax in the fourth film pitting the titular Titans against one another in a much anticipated fight, and this sparked a ton of debate among fans in the weeks leading up to this release as to which of the fan favorite giant monsters would be the definitive winner at the end. Through the events of the film and the fights that unfolded, there indeed was a definite winner set between the two monsters. But that ending also provided something unique.

The end of Godzilla vs. Kong sees the both of them going their separate ways after sharing a knowing glance between each other, and as director Adam Wingard revealed during a recent AMA on Reddit for Godzilla vs. Kong, the ending of the film could have been much different. It could have had Godzilla just leaving the scene without any kind of nod to Kong.

Godzilla vs Kong Trailer Kong New Weapons Axe Spear
(Photo: Legendary)

When Wingard was asked about whether or not Godzilla vs. Kong had any alternate ending plans that had to be scrapped before the final version of the ending we got in the film, Wingard revealed that this was indeed was the case. As Wingard explained, the original version of Godzilla vs. Kong's ending was only really conclusive for one of the fighters, "The original ending was just [Godzilla] swimming into the ocean but that felt like it didn't properly tie up Kong's story."

This original version of the ending would have made it fall in line with the end of the original King Kong vs. Godzilla that saw the famous Kaiju heading out to sea, but the final version of the ending indeed allows Kong to leave the film with some sense of closure. With Godzilla getting the de-facto victories between the two in their various fights, this moment of acknowledgement allows for their fight to have a natural ending.


The two of them are ultimate rivals, but with the final head nod between the two of them it allows them to head off into their own territories for potential future entries in the MonsterVerse. But what do you think of the original ending to the film? How does it compare to Godzilla vs. Kong's official ending? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!