Godzilla vs Kong Director Reveals How the Winner Was Chosen

Before Godzilla vs Kong was released, kaiju fans were left wondering just who would come out on [...]

Before Godzilla vs Kong was released, kaiju fans were left wondering just who would come out on top in the war between the lizard king and the ruler of Skull Island, and it seems as if director Adam Wingard had figured out just which kaiju would be crowned king of the monsters in this Legendary Pictures' crossover. In a recent "AMA", Wingard went into detail about how the victor was chosen and just how far back in the filmmaking process the director knew who would be the winner in the fight between Godzilla and Kong.

In the Reddit AMA, Wingard answered a fan's question regarding how the winner was chosen and how far back the director knew which giant monster would come out on top. Apparently, throughout all the earlier drafts of the film, Wingard knew that the ultimate winner of the fight would be Godzilla, but this doesn't mean that the director was letting Kong go home empty-handed. As Wingard explains, Godzilla might have won the fight between the two kaiju, but Kong was able to "win the movie", placed into a heroic role and ultimately finding peace by rediscovering the land of his ancestors within the environment of the Hollow Earth.

Godzilla Vs Kong Spoiler
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Though Godzilla and Kong's battle ended with the king of the monsters taking victory, thanks in part to his tough exterior and ability to disperse atomic breath at a whim, the two united to battle an even greater threat in the form of Mechagodzilla, who had been hidden from most of the trailers and marketing material. Luckily for the giant monsters, and humanity at large, the tag team was able to bring down the metal doppelganger, which was birthed using the parts of the deceased beast known as King Ghidorah.

The future of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse is anyone's guess at this point, but the success of Godzilla vs Kong in theaters and streaming on HBO Max has many kaiju fans hoping that another entry in the franchise is a foregone conclusion. While the live-action future for the monsters is a mystery, this year will see both Godzilla and Kong receiving animated series on the streaming service of Netflix in the forms of Godzilla: Singular Point and Skull Island respectively.

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