Gundam Debuts New Gunpla Model You Can Move with Your Mind

Gundam plastic models, or "Gunplas" for short, have become a hot ticket item within the anime community and fans of the franchise during the coronavirus pandemic, and now you can have the opportunity to grab a figure that you can move with the power of your mind! The Mobile Suit Gundams first landed in the late 1970s and the mechs that they would usually battle against came in the forms of the Zakus, which is what fans will be able to control with their thoughts and brain waves thanks in part to this amazing new figure.

In the first interpretation of Mobile Suit Gundam, the anime presented us with a futuristic landscape that was riddled with war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, with the latter's mech of choice being the Zaku. With the red Zaku of the pilot Char striking fear into the hearts of many Earth Federation soldiers' hearts, the anime franchise continued marching forward into worlds outside of this battle field. Mobile Suit Gundam has always had the strength of being able to create a variety of worlds for its mech suits, from the likes of Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and Gundam Build Divers, and it's clear that the forty year long franchise isn't stopping any time soon.

Bandai's Zeonic Technics released a short video showing off the unique Gundam plastic model, which originally was controlled by audio but thanks in part to a research group NeU, this tiny mech can be controlled using the power of one's thought waves:

While there hasn't been an official thought controlled Gundam plastic model, we would imagine that anything is possible as technology continues to march forward! With a life sized walking Gundam set to take its first steps in Japan later this year, it's clear that when it comes to this franchise, anything is possible.


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Via Sora News 24