Watch: Japan's New 60-Foot Gundam Suit Takes Its First Steps in Japan

Mobile Suit Gundam is responsible for overhauling parts of the sci-fi genre, and it is equally to [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam is responsible for overhauling parts of the sci-fi genre, and it is equally to blame for introducing thousands of people to anime. These days, the franchise is a thriving one as Gundam stands tall above its sci-competitors with new films and TV series going out yearly. In fact, it is so popular that Japan is working on a new statue for the anime, and this stunning build just took its very first steps.

And yes, you did read that right. This new statue is unlike any you have seen before. The team behind Japan's new RX-78-2 mech suit designed the behemoth to move, and the engineers just took a major step towards success.

The event unfolded recently when engineers gathered at the Gundam Factory in Yokohama to check out the mech suit. The build on this figure began earlier this year, and fans were eager to see the 60' tall giant come to life. The robot is said to weigh at least 25 tons, and the massive scaffolding around the suit allowed workers to do internal work that would allow it to move.

Mobile Suit Gundam Statue
(Photo: Sunrise)
According to engineers, this massive Gundam statue took its first step according to plan during a recent test. The only reason this statue is able to move with our current tech is because of its lightweight. As Nerdist reports, this monstrous robot is extremely light given its massive size. The inside of the robot is stripped to essentials which makes it possible to move.

Currently, there is no word on when the robot will be completed, but its team says its grand debut is still on schedule for October. So if we are expecting any intergalactic invasions later this year, maybe this Gundam mech will scare the aliens away...?

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