Hiro Mashima Announces New Crossover Spin-Off, Heroines

Hiro Mashima may currently be in the midst of weekly new chapter releases for his latest series, [...]

Hiro Mashima may currently be in the midst of weekly new chapter releases for his latest series, Edens Zero, but as fans have come to know from the prominent creator, Mashima has been keeping pretty busy with lots of extra work outside of his current weekly serialization. One of the most popular outside projects with fans was a celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine in which Mashima took characters from his three series thus far (Rave Master, Fairy Tail, and Eden's Zero) and had them all go on an adventure together.

Initially titled "Hero's," the crossover special series ran into some troubles during publication into a hard volume release that the title of it is now Mashima Hero's. But with all of the dust settled, Mashima took to Twitter to tease fans about one of the special inclusions that will be coming with the physical release of the series that will focus on the fan-favorite heroines from his three major titles.

Teasing fans on Twitter, Hiro Mashima announced that the physical release of Mashima Hero's will include a special 20 page bonus manga titled "Heroines." Mashima describes the new special as a short story in which the three main heroines of each series -- Rave Master's Elie, Fairy Tail's Lucy, and Edens Zero's Rebecca -- explore select hot springs locations in each world. Teasing that it will be a "fun" story featuring the male heroes as well, it's certainly going to be one to look out for.

Fans of Mashima's various series now how far he goes out for fan service, and this will likely be no different. There's still no update on the official sequel to the crossover or whether or not this is one of the four different announcements Mashima teased earlier this year, but fans should keep an eye out for what's to come next!

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