Fire Force Season 2 Reveals Episode Order

Fire Force Season 2 has officially kicked off with the premiere episode earlier this week as part of the new wave of Summer 2020 anime, and now fans have been wondering just how many episodes this second season would be sticking around for. For fans worried that the second season would somehow have a shorter run than the first, luckily there is no reason to worry as Season 2 will be running for over 20 plus episodes according to a new listing on the anime's official website. As the series is getting ready to sell its home video releases in Japan, it's gearing up for 24 episodes in total!

Just like the first season, Fire Force Season 2 is currently listed with 24 episodes. In Japan, these episodes will be spread out across four different Blu-ray releases and eight different DVD volumes each containing six episodes. Unfortunately, it's a bit too soon to find out what the series has planned from its overseas licensor, Funimation.

Speaking of Funimation, fans who attended their virtual convention over the weekend got an early preview of not only the first episode of the new season but the second as well. Debuting the SimulDub for the first two episodes of the season came along with new announcements of Xeno Robinson, Robert McCollum, and Cherami Leigh all joining the dub for Season 2.

Fire Force Season 2
(Photo: David Production)

It is currently unknown as to whether or not Fire Force's 24 episode run will have a break in between the two cours, but there might not be considering the first season made it all the way through. Then again, David Production also had a few hiccups during the production of a few episodes during the first season and this was long before any of the COVID-19 pandemic troubles through this year so far.

Regardless, Fire Force fans can enjoy the series knowing that it's going to not only stick around through the Summer season but will potentially extend through the rest of the year with 24 weeks of awesomeness ahead! But what do you think? Is a 24 episode second season the right amount for Fire Force? Excited to see what's to come over that lengthy run? What are you most hoping to see in the new episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!