Hunter x Hunter Timelapse Paints Gon Pretty Perfectly

During this time of quarantine, we've recommended watching the anime adventures of Gon and his fellow licensed hunters in Hunter x Hunter and fans have done their part in promoting the series with some amazing works of fan art, with one artist sharing an amazing time lapse painting of the protagonist of the franchise! Gon is a Shonen protagonist in the same vein as Dragon Ball's Goku, powerful but innocent, always excited for a fight, and holding a kind heart that has him attempting to protect the lives of his friends and fight against scores of villains during the series.

Hunter x Hunter has gone through a number of delays in telling the long, continuing story of our favorite hunters, with creator Yoshihrio Togashi taking a hiatus from the current story line. Despite this, scores of new viewers have discovered the anime thanks in part to the arrival of the series on Netflix. The Shonen series has the familiar staples of the medium, having our main characters fighting their way through a number of different villains and learning about new kinds of energy that give them heightened power levels. Rather than chakra or ki, the hunters live in a world of "Nen" that allows them to have bizarre abilities that make the show unique from some of its anime brothers and sisters!

Reddit Artist KenjiSquad shared this impressive time lapse of their painting of the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter, perfectly recreating the young fisherman Gon that has come to become a great warrior in the world of licensed hunters as he searches for his father and attempts to make friends along the way:

Painted Gon 😁 from r/HunterXHunter

Gon started out as a hopeful fisherman who joined the likes of Leorio, Killua, Kurapika, and several others in an attempt to get a hunter's license. The hunter's license opens up brand new doors to those who are lucky enough to receive them, allowing free travel, benefits, and several other perks that make the occupation so valued in this anime franchise. Gon is able to claim a license in the opening arc, but his troubles come at him fast and furious with this brand new status.

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