Hunter x Hunter Report Suggests Manga Is Far From Returning

Hunter x Hunter is one of those series fans cannot wait to see make a big comeback. The series, [...]

Hunter x Hunter is one of those series fans cannot wait to see make a big comeback. The series, which dates back to the 1990s, remains a classic with fans until this day. Its long-running stint in Weekly Shonen Jump shows how beloved the series is, but the series also tends to take hiatuses. And if a new report is right, it seems like Hunter x Hunter is a good ways from launching a full-blown comeback.

Over on Twitter, noted fansite HxHSource shared an anecdote from a Weibo user who allegedly met an editor from Shueisha at their work. It was there the Weibo user asked after Hunter x Hunter, and the response given was none too reassuring.

"Last time an editor from Shueisha came to our agency, I asked about Togashi-sensei's current condition and he had said Togashi was still suffering from lumbago and that it had not improved," the site shared.


For those curious, lumbago is a medical condition that specifically targets the lower back. The joints and muscles are impacted, giving whoever has the condition chronic pain in that area. Fans have known creator Yoshihiro Togashi has underdone medical leaves during the hiatuses of Hunter x Hunter, but many did not know his condition was this poor.

This report dates to mid-December of last year, so fans are hoping Togashi is doing better nowadays despite the ongoing pandemic. When followed up with, the Weibo user said there are "no further plans just yet" for Hunter x Hunter due to Togashi's back pain. So if you were hoping for a surprise comeback this summer, you may want to rethink that wish.

For now, it seems like the manga's hiatus will continue until Togashi feels well enough to return to work. The series has missed the past 63 issues of Weekly Shonen Jump, but that does not eclipse its longest hiatus to date. Back in 2014, Hunter x Hunter went on a hiatus which lasted 80 issues which pushed its comeback to 2016.

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