Hunter x Hunter Shares Volume 37 Cover

Hunter x Hunter has been away for quite some time, with many anime fans believing that Gon and his fellow hunters might never return to Weekly Shonen Jump. Creator Yoshihiro Togashi shocked the world when he announced that not only would he be working on new chapters, but several new installments would be released to make up for the long hiatus. Now, with a new chapter arriving later this month, the first cover for the shonen's comeback has been revealed focusing on a major new Succession Contest character.

The last new chapter of Hunter x Hunter arrived in 2018, meaning it's been a little under four years since we last saw Gon and his friends continuing their journey as hunters. During the Succession Contest Arc, the Shonen protagonists have dealt with a rather unique battle between royalty, as well as the fallout in a civil war focused on the major villains of the series in the Phantom Troupe. While the manga will return on October 23rd with the beginning of a handful of new chapters, the anime adaptation hasn't released any news as to whether the anime adaptation from Madhouse will eventually continue or if a potential new series would arrive to help cover the territory that has yet to make its way to the small screen proper.

The 37th volume cover for Hunter x Hunter focuses on the new character, Morena Prudo, who is the boss of one of the crime families that play an active role in this latest arc, harboring a Nen power that is one of the most deadly seen in the Shonen series to date:

(Photo: Shueisha)

Before the series' long-awaited return, Togashi has taken the opportunity to share several updates regarding the status of new chapters for his beloved series. The updates, which included status updates along with numerous sketches that will make up Hunter x Hunter's comeback, helped propel the mangaka to becoming the most followed manga artist on Twitter, proving just how long fans of the Shonen series have been waiting for the manga's return.

What do you think of this new cover for Hunter x Hunter's return? What predictions do you have for the continuing saga of the Succession Contest Arc? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the hunters.