Blue Lock Hypes Japan's World Cup Wins in New Art

The FIFA World Cup is here, and of course, that means fans everywhere are checking in on their top teams. With a handful of matches under its belt, the 2022 tournament has already pulled out lots of surprises and upsets. Japan's national team has caused a number of those twists as the group is making serious headway at the World Cup, and the creator of Blue Lock is celebrating the team's wins with some new art.

As you can see below, Yusuke Nomura was inspired to draw a tribute to Japan following its team's latest win. After all, the national team drew headlines across the globe thanks to its upset win against Spain. And now, Japan is ready to move on up in the World Cup.

For those who don't know, the FIFA World Cup has moved into its final 16 teams, and Japan is in the group with big names such as Brazil and England. This week, the national team will face off with Croatia. The match will be the third time Japan has faced this opponent as it took on Croatia during a competition in 1998. The two met once more at the World Cup in 2006 before undertaking a friendly match years later. In this year's tournament, Croatia has one win under its belt while Japan has two. So of course, fans are eager to see how their pair will fair against the other.

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Both teams are formidable, to say the least but Blue Lock is only backing one of them. After all, the popular sports anime is all about soccer and creating the ultimate team for Japan at the FIFA World Cup. Interest in the manga has risen thanks to this year's World Cup, and Japan's victories have made millions wonder whether Project Blue Lock is a real thing. So as Japan carries on the tournament, you can bet Nomura will support the team with new sketches and special tributes.


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