John Boyega Channels His Own Chidori in New Anime-Inspired Short

Anime is no longer the niche medium it once was outside of Japan, and John Boyega is living proof of that. The A-list actor has never shied away from his love of anime, and he is one of the dozens of celebrities who have spurred forth anime's rising popularity. From Attack on Titan to Naruto, the Star Wars actor has seen it all, and Boyega decided to blend his love of Shonen together in an impressive Instagram video starring his older sister Grace.

The video was posted over on social media by Boyega this morning, and it has a rather apt title. The clip is called "Avatar: The Last Juice Drinker", and Boyega says the shoot came to them both after watching "too much anime in quarantine."

The video begins with Grace drinking out of an Attack on Titan mug, but John is quick to catch the offense. The actor comes out of nowhere to ask whether his sister finished his juice, but his older sister tells him to pipe down.

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Avatar: The Last Juice Drinker (we watched too much anime in quarantine 🤣)

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Like any sibling would do, Boyega naturally goes full Naruto mode and summons a Chidori to fight his sister. Grace doesn't waste any time channeling a fire just herself, and the pair take running leaps over furniture to take their feud to the next level. The video even uses some Naruto music to heighten the drama, and its visual effects make it all the more impressive.

Of course, John was quick to shout out his intentional tribute to Naruto with his Chidori. The actor went on to say there are certainly more of these quarantine videos to come.

"Had to pull out the Chidori hand sign free! More in the works," he wrote.


This impressive video brings some of anime's best tropes to life given its take on rivalries and supernatural fights. Boyega has told fans on several occasions that he loves anime, and some of his favorite series include Naruto. It is no surprise to see the actor channel his inner ninja on Instagram, and fans are hoping Boyega will get to flex his anime skills on the big screen one day as Hollywood continues pursuing live-action adaptations.

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