John Boyega Reveals His Favorite Anime Series

These days, celebrities are owning their otaku roots. Hollywood is starting to complain about superhero fatigue, so shonen superstars are swooping in to help A-list actors look over their exhaustion. If you get tired of Iron Man, you can always give Mobile Suit Gundam a try.

Clearly, that is what John Boyega does when he needs a break. The actor revealed all his top anime picks during a very recent Q&A with fans.

Taking to Reddit, the Star Wars actor did an Ask Me Anything chat to promote his work on Pacific Rim: Uprising. The actor has plenty to say about the mecha-inspired franchise, and fans were curious to know whether Boyega really liked anime.

It turns out the answer to that question is yes.

During his AMA, Boyega went so far as to list his favorite anime shows. Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto, and Attack on Titan are the series heading up Boyega's picks. In fact, the actor went so far as to say Attack on Titan is his favorite.

Of course, the actor made sure to caveat his list. "By the way, this all depends on how I feel," Boyega said. "Every 24 hours it all could change."

Earlier in the thread, a fan asked what anime Boyega is hooked on these days. The actor made sure to spell out all of his top picks, and a few classic series got a shoutout from the star.

"Hunter x Hunter. I've got One Piece. I've got original episodes of Gundam. Original episodes of Dragon Ball Z. Naruto I'm on right now. I'm waiting for the next season of Attack on Titan like everybody else. I mean, guys it's hard to defeat the king of scifi, right?"


Boyega is definitely a clear-cut anime fan, but he is not the only one out there. You may not have realized it, but celebs are just like fans; They love to binge anime too. On the heels of Black Panther's success, Michael B. Jordan prompted headlines when he used Twitter to sing the praises of Naruto and Goku. The actor endeared millions with his tweet, and Kim Kardashian kept the publicity train rolling. Taking to Twitter, the reality mogul said she dyed her hair pink because of her anime obsession, and Kardashian told fans she was inspired to change her look after seeing the heroine of Darling in the Franxx.

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