Junji Ito Mask Unleashes His Most Terrifying Creation

Junji Ito is looking to have a bright future in the world of media with his story of Uzumaki being adapted into an anime and Tomie being made into a live action series on Hulu, and one fan has created one of the most terrifying examples of cosplay that we've ever seen. Having created a number of manga horror stories in his time, one of the spookiest tales in his roster of terrifying stories has been brought to life in one of the scariest ways possible as a fan creates a cosplay featuring the "Library of Illusions".

The "Library of Illusions" is a story that features a young man attempting to come to grips with his insane father tormenting him throughout his childhood by reading one of the scariest stories of all time. Released as a part of the Junji Ito Collection known as Voices In The Dark: Splatter, the manga was one of the scariest in the master of horror's collection thanks in part to the appearance of the insane father figure, seemingly going mad following his wife leaving him and expressing his insanity by reading his tormented son horror novels night after night. Of course, as is usually the case with Ito tales, the horror story takes some unexpected twists by blending the supernatural with the mundane.

Twitter User MonsterMaker115 shared this insane mask that captures the terror of the evil father from "Library of Illusions" who spiralled into madness and used a number of horror stories to torment his son and permanently scar him for the remainder of his life:

Junji Ito's Uzumaki is set to premiere on Adult Swim beginning next year, 2021, though a specific release date has yet to be revealed. Created by Production IG, fans are anticipating the arrival of the adaptation of one of Ito's most well known stories considering it appears from the trailer that this anime is attempting to do justice to Junji's amazing art work. With many being disappointed at the Junji Ito Collection anime series, produced by Studio Deen, the upcoming mini-series definitely appears to be doing justice to the master of horror's work!

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