Adult Swim's Uzumaki Finds Its Leading Lady

Adult Swim is looking to venture into the world of horror by adapting one of Junji Ito's most well known manga, Uzumaki, which focuses on a village battling against a unique curse involving spirals, and it seems as if the main character of Kirie Goshima has gotten her voice! Junji Ito has a long history of creating some of the most nerve wracking, bone tingling tales of terror within the medium of manga and fans are anticipating this latest adaptation thanks in part to an amazing trailer released by the animation studio of Production IG!

Kirie Goshima acts as the audience's "Point of View" character, walking fans through this cursed village as it struggles with numerous examples of monsters and evil spirits that are manifesting thanks in part to an obsession with spirals. While the story follows one village, it is almost displayed in an anthology style thanks in part to the numerous different examples of the curse manifesting itself. With the likes of snail people, flying thugs, and jack in the box style zombies, Uzumaki does an amazing job of ratcheting up the tension and we can't wait to see how it translates into the upcoming Adult Swim adaptation.

Uzumaki's Official Twitter Account shared the news that the voice actor, Uki Satake, will be bringing the role of Kirie Goshima to life, letting audiences know that the work behind the scenes in bringing the classic Junji Ito tale of horror to life is still moving along smoothly:

Uki Satake is no stranger to the world of anime, having lent her voice acting talent to the likes of franchises such as Hunter x Hunter, Space Dandy, Mob Psycho 100, and Carole And Tuesday to name a few. Also lending her voice to the girl group of 9nine, a girl group in Japan, it's clear that Satake has a big history when it comes to using her talents despite her young age! Kirie Goshima is a complicated character, witnessing her town being swallowed by a terrifying curse, and acts as the perfect point of view character throughout the terrifying story of Uzumaki!


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