Viz Media Unveils Junji Ito's Sensor

It would be fair to say that Junji Ito is the biggest creator of horror manga in the world today, [...]

It would be fair to say that Junji Ito is the biggest creator of horror manga in the world today, responsible for spine chilling tales such as Uzumaki, Gyo, and Tomie to name a few, and Viz Media is capitalizing on the creator's work by announcing a brand new manga set to release next year in Sensor. Viz Media has done a fantastic job of translating some of Ito's biggest works and collections for fans who otherwise wouldn't have the chance to read them in North America, and with the Adult Swim adaptation of Uzumaki set to release next year, there's no better time for this new release!

One of the best aspects of Ito's work is the level of detail that he is able to put into his art, creating some of the most ghastly monsters that have been witnessed in any medium. With an adaptation of Ito's work in Uzumaki arriving on Cartoon Network, Hulu is also getting in on the action with the upcoming adaptation of Tomie, a series of stories that follows a succubus that gains powers from the supernatural and has even seen a handful of live action films in Japan! Hopefully, with the success of these two adaptations, we will get more Ito adaptations in the future!

Viz Media shared the news about the upcoming manga release from the master of horror himself with Sensor, proving that Ito's work schedule is definitely something that mangaka can be envious of when it comes to the amount of stories he cranks out on a regular basis:

Though Ito's mainstays are the likes of Uzumaki and Tomie, there are dozens if not hundreds of stories that Junji has created over the years that depict some of the most terrifying aspects of manga that we've ever seen! With the creator's popularity rocketing with each passing year, we wouldn't be surprised to see more of his works arrive via print and digital through Viz Media in the future!

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