Junji Ito Uzumaki Tattoo Springs Into Action

Uzumaki is set to land with a new anime adaptation on Adult Swim next year, giving a new take on the Junji Ito horror story that is considered one of the mangaka's best, and one fan has honored the creepy tale with a tattoo that perfectly depicts one of the scariest creations from the spine chilling tale. With next year's Uzumaki looking to present the story of the manga using animation that will focus on black and white scenes that stick closely to the art work of Junji Ito himself, fans are anticipating the next Adult Swim classic.

One of the scariest "monsters" in Uzumaki also happened to be one of the earliest to appear in the "Jack In The Box", a young boy who has a crush on a classmate that lingers even after his own death. Following his demise, the admirer returns from the grave with his legs being replaced with a giant spring, which falls in the motif of "spirals" that the town in Uzumaki was cursed with throughout the short story. Joined by human slugs and hooligans that had the ability to control whirlwinds beneath their feet, the story of the Jack in the Box definitely is a creepy visual and makes for a great tattoo!

Reddit User Breezy Lover x5 shared this impressively spine chilling tattoo that perfectly translates one of the creepiest, and most tragic, creations to spring to life from Junji Ito's Uzumaki, which we can't wait to see be given motion in the upcoming series created by Adult Swim and Production IG:

Got a new tattoo today! Jack in the Box was one of my favorite chapters in the book, and I wanted a Junji Ito tattoo that was unique and special, hope you guys enjoy 🌀 from r/junjiito

Junji Ito has had plenty of adaptations in the past, through both the world of anime and live action series and feature length films. Uzumaki itself even received a live action feature length film years ago, as it tried its best to bring to life this terrifying tale. Though the upcoming adaptation of Tomie has apparently been put to bed due to the shuddering of Quibi, we would imagine there will be more Ito tales brought to life in the future.

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