Uzumaki Anime Releases Junji Ito Inspired Storyboards

Though the coronavirus has put a number of anime projects on pause, the creators behind the [...]

Though the coronavirus has put a number of anime projects on pause, the creators behind the upcoming Adult Swim produced anime, Uzumaki, have gone on record that COVID-19 has not impacted their production schedule and has recently released new storyboards that show just how faithful to the source material created by Junji Ito they have been! While there have been adaptations of Ito's work in the past via live action projects and anime alike, fans are definitely noticing the upcoming Uzumaki thanks to its faithfulness to the artistic style that Junji has become so famous for.

If you're unfamiliar with the spooky story that is Uzumaki, the Junji Ito penned manga follows a cursed city that is obsessed with spirals. On its surface, this doesn't necessarily sound that scary, but when you dive into the series, it follows some terrifying ways in which spirals begin infecting the lives of the citizens that are living within the tucked away village. Beginning with one man, the town seems to be enveloped by this supernatural cloud moving across the village's lines that result in the likes of snail children, faceless women, flying gangsters, and people who are changed into gangly abominations.

The Official Twitter Account for the upcoming Uzumaki production from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim shares a number of storyboards for the anime adaptation, proving that they are using the art work of Junji Ito as a springboard for creating this new take on the terrifying tale:

What makes Junji Ito's stories so terrifying is his ability to blend the mundane with the supernatural, taking Lovecraftian style horror and weaving it into the day to day lives of its protagonists. Based on the success of Uzumaki, we're certainly crossing our fingers that new adaptations of stories like Gyo, Tomie, and other Ito stories will also come to Adult Swim at some point in the future.

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